Saturday, 10 April 2010

2 Days Special @ Giant

This morning, I saw this promotion in the newspaper:

Giant promo

Darlie toothpaste 2 X 225gm costs only RM9.99, comes with a free plate, from 10 to 11 April 2010. It’s dirt cheap as it normally costs RM15.99.

We decided to go to Giant @ Summit USJ to purchase it but to our disappointment, there was none left. We were there around 3pm and the cashier told us the stock has finished! We were stumped as it’s a 2 day promotion! Why did they advertised a product which they don’t keep much stock? Or was there actually any stock at all? Was the advertisement a decoy to get us there? There were other twin-packed Darlie’s but it’s not eligible for this promotion. The cashier said it must have the plate sticker on it. She even mentioned that a lady had bought 10 sets much earlier! 10 sets???!!! The advertisement said “limited to 3 sets per transaction”!!! We were so disappointed… went all the way there for nothing! We decided to check out the branch at Putra Heights on the way home… same thing… the shelf was empty with only the price tag. We felt cheated by the advertisement… by Giant! How can they mislead their loyal customers? Or are we the only ones who believed their advertisement?

If this had happened on the second day, I would have understand. However, it’s on the first day, after 5 hours and the stock has finished! Unbelievable!  

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