Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Tyger’s Birthday Again!

As my angels unexpectantly arrived at my doorstep last week, we were able to celebrate Tyger’s 8th birthday. Niece in law came by for dinner with her boyfriend and bought a small cake for Tyger ;-) It was laid back and homely, nothing fancy since we had celebrated it earlier, yet enjoyable and comfy ;-)

Birthday cake Small but delicious cake

My angels My angels

Wish My Tyger!

FamilyWith niece in law and MIL

Thanks to Melissa and Neoh for a delicious cake from Bread Story!


Joannfoca said...

is ur niece in law single? hmm ok just asking :)

Susan said...

LOL! She's currently seeing someone :p

Joannfoca said...

ooh i see, well guess I've to keep on searching :)


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