Saturday, 13 March 2010

Tiger’s Birthday

We had a be-early birthday do for our son last Saturday when we balik kampung to visit them. If not, by the time we returned 2 weeks later, it would have passed his actual birthday. Chinese pantang lah… cannot celebrate belated mah! No one knew of our intention ;-) We visited sis in law and family as usual… had dinner at one of the restaurants there and then we brought out the cake *big grin*

Tiger was so happy… grinning from ear to ear! He had his favourite dish, Kou Lou Yoke (Sweet and Sour Pork). His cake had a few of his favourite characters, Ultraman and Naruto. It’s easy to find cakes with characters in a small town as compared to KL. It’s so much cheaper too and tastier :p

Cake Tiger’s birthday cake

Family  My Family

Family2My angels with MIL, sis in law and her son 

DinnerOur yummy dinner!

The food here is good, always! The quality of the food is consistent, portion just nice and ingredients fresh. In fact, the chef is actually the owner of the restaurant! Pricing is reasonable too which is why we prefer this restaurant for any special occasions.

Sun Swee Kiong Sun Swee Kiong Seafood Restaurant

This time around, it’s a treat from sis in law’s husband ;-) Thanks for the dinner Mr Au!

The next day, we gave Tiger his be-early birthday present, something simple yet required him to use his brain ;-) In fact, he loves challenges which is why we got him this.

Present Busy opening it!

SV404713 Whallah! A 3D puzzle to crunch his brain!

crunching time He immediately started working on it :-)


I think it’s way too easy for him, his finished product within the hour, hmmm…


Joannfoca said...

wow what a nice present ;) hope he becomes a rocket scientist one day :)

Susan said...

Thanks... I hope so too


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