Monday, 1 March 2010

Miss Ayumi

We saw this beautiful car at Restoran MMZ in Bukit Jelutong last Friday night. It’s a Honda Civic, fully furnished with Miss Ayumi and bling-blings! As the owner, mind you it’s a he, was proudly showing his beauty, I quickly snapped some photos ;-)

Miss Ayumi MA1 MA2 MA3 MA4 MA5 MA6 MA7 MA8

There was a TT session between Honda FD2 Club and Lancer GT Club that night (hubby is a member of the Lancer GT Club), a first for this year. It was crowded with Honda’s and Lancer’s, even our very own Helang was there ;-)

Helang Helang1 Helang2 Helang is also a member of Lancer GT Club ;-)


Michelle Chin said...

The Miss Ayumi car is a product of devotion!

Such an enthusiast

Susan said...

Yea, for stickers alone, the owner spent RM3k!!! He even has to change it yearly due to wear and tear!


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