Sunday, 21 March 2010

Alice in Mid Valley!

Last weekend, we had a wonderful surprise. Sis in law suddenly decided to come to KL for a short visit and brought along my angels and MIL!

We went to Mid Valley on Sunday morning, luckily traffic was clear, to see Alice in Wonderland on display!

alice in wonderland

mad hatter

tea party

tea party 2

tea party 3

giant mushrooms

giant flowers

yellow flower

entrance The throngs of human entering the Wonderland

us in wonderland    Me with Tyger and Princess!

white queen's mace

vorpal sword

red queen's mace

red queen's sceptre

red queen's red hats red queen's hat

view above The view from above; noticed how crowded and small it was

SV404816 We missed taking photo with the Red Queen :-(

It was beautifully set up, so realistic; I felt as though I am in a Wonderland; but I find it too restricted as it was displayed at the Concourse Area only. I mean I would have preferred it to cover the whole floor! It would have been so magical, very dramatic and more realistic ;-) It was crowded too due to the limited space with everyone trying to snap some photos :-(

Sis in law left on Monday but MIL decided to stay on during the school holidays so that we get to spend more time with our angels. Thanks to Mr and Mrs Au for bringing our angels over!

Thanks to Kinky Blue Fairy for the Wonderland blog or I wouldn’t have known about it ;-)

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