Friday, 26 February 2010

The Spy Next Door

This is overdue, watched this movie in the cinema about 3 weeks ago :p Totally forgot about it so you can sum it as a forgettable movie ;-)

Jackie Chan has improved his English tremendously, he's really good at being goofy and he's lucky to partner up with Amber Valletta! Gosh! I didn't know she's in the movie at all! Lucky Jackie ;-)

Bob Ho looks like a normal Chinese immigrant in a suburban neighborhood, selling pens. He is in a relationship with his neighbor, Gillian, who has 3 kids who are against their relationship as they find him boring and unsuitable. In reality, Bob is an undercover CIA agent who is about to retire soon. Everything went haywire when Gillian had to tend to her injured father, leaving her kids with Bob to babysit. During this complications, the kids learnt of his real identity and actually started to like and accept him :-)

This is like any other single parent with kids dating someone movie. Something hilarious to laugh about, good kung fu scenes, ups and downs, etc. A light romantic comedy for a relaxing time.

7 thumbs up out of 10

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