Monday, 22 February 2010

Post CNY & Sticky @ 1 Utama

I finally found the best CNY decorated mall; in my POV, is 1 Utama. It really has that CNY feel and mood with the festivity alive in the air. The cats were really cute too with their paws keep calling ‘lai lai’ everywhere! My kids really liked the decorations, hoping to touch it as well ;-) We were there last Wednesday, breezed through all the way to the parking as the traffic was clear.   

SV404353 SV404354 SV404346 SV404347

Remember the Sticky sweets I blogged about previously? This time around, I managed to capture the process of making the sticky sweets from start to end. Photos below for your viewing pleasure :-)

SV404310 SV404311 SV404316 SV404318 SV404320 SV404325 SV404329 SV404330 SV404333 SV404335 SV404338 SV404341 SV404344 SV404362

Sorry, no tutorials as there wasn’t any given. I managed to buy the uncut ones which was really cheap; RM5 per bag.

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