Sunday, 21 February 2010

Post CNY & Pancake House @ Pavilion

Last Tuesday, we had to send FIL and niece in law to the bus station at Puduraya as niece in law have to start school the next day. It’s been ages since I’ve been there and the place was crowded with so many foreigners! I had to teach my kids the basics i.e. how to ward off those people and their luggage from hitting or banging into them. I also held on to my kids tightly as I was worried someone might just carry them off or they could get lost easily in the sea of humans! After buying the bus tickets, we went off to Pavilion to look for another niece in law for tea (We have about 3 hours to kill before the time to board the bus)

We finally chose Pancake House for tea as the Republic Food Court was crowded. It’s on the same floor as Republic Food Court, nearby Subway. From outside, it looked intimidating a little but we felt right at home immediately once seated (I forgot to take a photo of the shop). The ambience was cosy and the service was really good. Everything looked good on the menu too :p

SV404268I ordered Vienna Coffee, something I haven’t drank in a while. It was delicious!

SV404269Hubby ordered Rootbeer Float; it even came with a love ;-)

SV404271My in law’s Cappucino, Carrot Juice, Honey Dew Juice and Spaghetti with Club Sandwich Set

SV404273 My kid’s Small Soldier with Nippies (In layman term, pan cakes with M&Ms)

SV404272Niece in law’s Waffle with Cheese; it tasted different from the conventional waffles, simple yet tasty and crunchy

SV404276My angels with FIL

SV404281MIL with niece’s in law (Mimi and Cindy)


Thanks to Cindy for a wonderful treat! Overall, the food was good, service was good (the waitress even informed us how long we needed to wait before our food was served i.e. 15 minutes); we had a relaxing tea break.

8 thumbs up out of 10

After tea, we ventured to the concourse area of Pavilion to see the CNY decorations. Honestly, it blew me away! It was nicely done, they do not scrimp on their budget, it looked exclusively different.

SV404286 SV404289SV404291 SV404293


The decors outside Tangs were also beautiful. SV404307 SV404306SV404308SV404305 SV404309


Michelle Chin said...

Are they your children? :D

Susan said...

Yes they are :-)


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