Sunday, 28 February 2010

Low Yee Sang

Toss fresh fish or low yee sang is a must before or during Chinese New Year. It symbolizes the blessings of ones career or business or life. The tossing must be accompanied by good blessings i.e. nice sayings or verses for career, business or prosperity.

lou sang 080210 My first low sang this year in the office on 8th Feb 10. A colleague bought this pre-packed low sang from Jusco and another bought the salmon sashimi from Sushi King as the pre-packed low sang doesn’t come with fish ;-) We had superb Canadian pizzas for lunch.

lou sang 150210 My second low sang at home with my mom, brothers, parents in law and family on 15th Feb 10. Mom brought this pre-packed yee sang over for lunch. 

lou sang 150210a After the tossing, ready to be eaten ;-)

SV404238 My FIL, my brothers (Jin Siang & Jin Hwa) and my princess

lou sang n 150210 My third low sang on the same day during dinner with niece in law and family at LFF Restaurant in OUG.

SV404245 The food used to be good but it was not on par at all that night. It somehow lacked of something, probably they have changed the chef. We haven’t even finished low sang and they started serving dinner. They seemed ignorant of this fact. However the vegetable came very late, thus missing from this photo.

SV404243 Niece in law with her husband and son

SV404256 FIL, his grandkids and great grandson ;-)

SV404254 MIL and another niece in law

SV404251 Me with my angels ;-)

SV404488 My fourth low sang in hometown on 19th Feb 10; sis in law brought this pre-packed yee sang and the portion was huge! It was tasty too or we wouldn’t have finished it ;-)

SV404490 Tossing for prosperity! Wealth! Huat ah! Fatt ah!

low sang 250210 Believe it or not, my fifth low sang! My company luncheon at Bangsar Seafood Village, One Bangsar on 25th Feb 10.

lou sang company lunch Some of my colleagues and boss :-) I feel like the rose among the thorns LOL!

I was hoping for the total to be 8, an auspicious number mah! Well, it’s out of my jurisdiction so 5 it is ;-)


Joannfoca said...

hi happy new year to u ;) wow finally got to see ur picture, just excellent :) anyway wishing u the best in this year ;)

Susan said...

Happy New Year to you too! Shy mah ;-)


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