Sunday, 7 February 2010

Hubby’s birthday @ Sushi Tomo

Celebrated hubby’s birthday with a couple of good friends in SS2, first dinner at Sushi Tomo and then yamcha at Wong Kok.

We have never eaten at Sushi Tomo before so thought of giving it a try as it is always packed whenever we passed by. There were so many choices in the menu, from sushi’s to bento’s, even fusion food Japanese style. Our friends were famished, ordering so many plates of sushi! In the end, we were overstuffed, even started to hibernate ;-)

I totally forgot to take some photos at first when the food started to arrive as we were awed by the nice food. I even forgot to snap the restaurant itself, the decors were actually simple yet cosy, the ambience was subtle.

P1010057 The sumptuous sushi’s, part of it as we had finished a few earlier onP1010060 P1010062 P1010058The remains of the cold green noodle, forgot the name though ;-)

P1010065P1010066  More sushi’s ;-)

P2070103Took this photo after yamcha ;-)

Overall the food is really good, the service was efficient even though they were short staffed. The owner, a Japanese, was even on the floor serving customers. It was a treat from our friends so I really do not know how much our dinner costs. All in all, it’s worthy enough to come back again.

Kevii and Lynn, thanks for a wonderful dinner!

8 thumbs up out of 10

After dinner, we adjourned to Wong Kok, about 2 minutes walk from Sushi Tomo. It was not so crowded though, unusual for a Saturday night. We had a wonderful time, laughing our butts off, even played some cards to past time! Hotman and Koonx joined us later on, after attending a full moon dinner. We didn’t ordered the birthday special as there were not many of us and hubby and me were still sick :-(

The birthday special is a huge bucket of iced tea, lai cha in Cantonese, where the birthday boy or girl can order for free, within 3 days before or 3 days after their birthdayP2060076

P2060074 Kevii and fiance, Lynn

P2060086Kevii and Hotman

P2060087The shy Koonx  

P2060080 Hubby ;-)


The night ended so soon even though it felt like it has just begun. Hubby is one year older. We enjoyed the night with a few good friends. Fun and laughter. A memorable night ;-)


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