Sunday, 24 January 2010

Why I Like It Longer

Honestly, my mind went blank when I saw the title. I just couldn’t figure out what I would like to be longer and why… hmmm… obviously the indecent ones keep creeping into my mind LOL!


At last, holidays! Yes, I would love my holidays to be longer! Public holidays! School holidays! Vacations! A longer holiday would lead to:

  • longer relaxing moments which is also stress free
  • longer quality time with family
  • longer shopping time
  • longer talk time
  • longer reading time
  • longer surfing time

 stress                           phone vacation 

Every time spent would be meaningful with longer holidays. It’s like a domino’s effect!

One of the most important tool during a long holiday is a mobile phone. Yes, mobile phone… it has come a long way, from analogue to digital, from 2G to 3G, from keypad to touchpad! It has become a necessity, a MUST have in our daily lives. We just can’t leave home without it ;-)

The latest mobile phone to hit the market has a full touch screen with multi touch function and a 4” widescreen with crystal clear HD resolution. It’s design is uniquely long, a refreshing break from standard mobile phone designs. Yes, LONGER and not bigger ;-) Cool right?!

Have you guessed it already?

Yes! It’s the new LG Chocolate ‘Supermodel’ BL40!

LG 1I just love this picture, the silhouette of a model leaning against the new sleek LG Chocolate ‘Supermodel’ BL40!

This ‘Supermodel’ mobile phone will definitely complete my long holiday wish ;-) With it’s uniquely long design:

  • I can capture my holiday videos and pictures with a cool ratio of 21:9 panoramic display
  • it fits in my palm perfectly
  • it makes me feel like a supermodel ;-)
  • I’ll be fashionably stylish as it compliments me!

What more with the crystal clear HD resolution, I can view my holiday videos with cinema-like clarity!

Long, I like xoxo


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