Sunday, 10 January 2010

Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 goody bag

Remember the Ben 10 contest my son won earlier? The goody bag given on the day of the premier was different from what was stated in the email. When I realized the difference, I emailed to Astro and Sam, the contact person, has been kind to reply that he will check. However, we have been following up with him for more than a month now, still nothing from Astro or Cartoon Network. When my hubby finally called Sam, he said he had to check with Cartoon Network. The last time my hubby called, just after Christmas and before the New Year, he claimed that Cartoon Network will call us and deliver it, but so far, no one has called us. I emailed again to Sam before blogging this, still no reply.We are losing our patience already.

Are they hoping that we will forget about this and stop calling? Just because my son won a runner-up prize and not the grand prize, doesn’t mean that they can just ignore us. This is so sad as my son was really looking forward to it. They have really disappointed him, the items may be small to them but it really means a lot to him since he is a Ben 10 fanatic! Imagine waiting from last year until this year, yet no news from Cartoon Network or Astro. What can I say? What should I tell my son? That Cartoon Network and Astro are not honest people and hoping we forget about this? Why not you, Cartoon Network and Astro, tell this to a 7 years old directly?


Joannfoca said...

ya there must be some kind of compensation Cartoon Network can provide. Maybe you might want to contact Arcis Communications that handle Cartoon Network related stuff at 03-78057133. Hope they can provide a solution.

Susan said...

hey thanks! will definitely give them a call


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