Thursday, 21 January 2010

Cartoon Network Ben 10 Alien Force

Remember my earlier blogs about my family and I attending the premiere of Ben 10 Alien Force and the missing stuffs in Ben 10 goody bag? Well, something good has come out of it all ;-)

Yes! We have finally gotten the stuffs! My son was ecstatic! We were surprised it actually came all the way from Cartoon Network Hong Kong!

Honestly, when I blogged last about the goody bag, I thought we wouldn’t be getting anything, all was lost. When my hubby got a call from DHL yesterday, we were surprised our son received a package from Hong Kong. I mean, no one mentioned about it taking a while to reach us or the stuffs came all the way from Hong Kong when we were following up with Astro. If we had known, I wouldn’t have blogged of our disappointment. Someone should have keep us informed.  Anyway, I’m glad everything turns out fine and my son is happy :-)

The courier chit, yay from Hong Kong!:


The letter from Cartoon Network Hong Kong:


The actual stuffs in the goody bag:


We are truly grateful that Cartoon Network has given additional 2 stuffs to compensate for my son’s waiting i.e. a Ben 10 Alien Force tattoo and a Ben 10 Alien Force glow in the dark sticker.

Thank you Cartoon Network and Astro! You have made my son’s day!

On another note:

We are really disappointed with DHL’s service. They actually gave the excuse to my hubby that we stayed very far thus they can’t deliver it to us. We have to go to their branch in Glenmarie to collect it ourselves. WTF! Our housing area is on the way to KLIA, next to Putra Heights and you call that far??? I believe their warehouse is somewhere in KLIA and they definitely do have lorries or vans going to and fro KLIA. Can’t they just drop by? Their advertisement is really misleading, delivering even into the deepest jungle. Ya right! We are not staying in the jungle, for goodness sake!!!


Joannfoca said...

wow im glad everything is well ;) so happy for you guys ;)

Susan said...

Thanks! I'm just glad everything turns out just fine


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