Tuesday, 1 December 2009


A colleague of mine is helping his friend to raise money for these cute and furry organization. I couldn't just sit aside, donate money and do nothing about it so I blog it ;-)

These animals have been rescued and given a second chance so please help them. The founder, Sabrina Yeap, has started this rescue mission since year 2006 and now they have 80 rescued furry animals under their care. They need money to care for these animals thus prompted them to start this calendar campaign to raise funds.

The organization has taken the time to take pictures of these cute animals and document their respective stories in this wonderful calendar. They are selling it for only RM15! So please, please, please donate to this wonderful organization! You can view their blog @ www.furryfriendsfarm.org

Excerpt from a Facebook link:
These animals were Abused & Abadoned. Please give them a second chance. I need your support to keep and maintain these poor animal.We are selling 2010 calendar(RM15) consist of the animals story. 100% of the profit will goes to Furry Friends Farm who is current keeping the animals! Ping me please. You can donate directly as well at http://furryfriendsfarm.org/

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