Thursday, 10 December 2009

Remote Control Airplane

While passing the Elite Highway, Exit 606 to be exact, you can see some airplanes flying high and low in the sky at a deserted field. This usually happens on weekends, you can see a group of enthusiasts controlling these airplanes. I thought remote control airplane is a dying hobby or probably passe, since it costs a bomb, didn't know it's still very much alive! We dropped by one evening and took some pics with my reliable Samsung camera(I was struggling since they flew damn fast but luckily it turned out fine)

When I google searched 'remote control airplanes for beginners' from pages from Malaysia, there were 4,690 results! There were various links for how to start, where to buy, sharing of information, etc... just like women clothing's! They even have official websites to cater for all things RC (remote control, just learnt this abbreviation ;-)) i.e.,, etc. Lets just hope that my son will not ask for one of these in the near future!

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