Thursday, 24 December 2009

Moral of a story

A friend shared this old folk’s tale:


An old man tells a young man who is fishing, when young, you need to work hard, do this and that
Then the young man asks ‘why?’
The old man concluded that when we are old then, we can relax and go fishing, etc
The young man then replied ‘I'm already doing it right now :-)’

The moral of the story: Why do you need to work so hard now, to earn for a relaxing life in your old age, when you can just relax now.

It is very true. People, nowadays, think differently.

In the olden days, people used to think they have to work hard when they are young so that they can have a better life when they are old. Unfortunately, some may not get to enjoy the seeds they sow as they could have died early. As we moved on in years, the perspective changes, generation matures and saturates, hence the culture evolves. 

The current generation prefers to work and play at the same time, enjoying their hard-earned money while it lasts, living their life to the fullest. This makes life more meaningful to live in, more worthwhile to work, and also party, hard. It has been a great motivating tool for everyone ;-) So once we leave this world, we will not regret it.   

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