Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Feed the monkeys!

We were passing through Putra Heights one day when we noticed a group of cars had parked on the roadside, next to a hillside. Thinking it was an accident, we just moved on until something brown, gray and furry caught our eyes. There were a big group of monkeys cavorting around, swinging from tree to tree, chasing each other! OMG! I have never seen so many monkeys roaming freely! I mean we usually see them in the zoo, confined to their cages. These people were either taking photos or feeding them.

When I actually noticed the surrounding area, the hillside is the remaining area which has not been developed. I immediately felt pity for the monkeys. Humans have actually destroyed their home and now this small hillside home of theirs will also be developed soon (I noticed there were some development works nearby). I wonder what will happen to them? I do hope the developer will make sure they do have a home before stealing theirs. It is such a pity!

Every time we passed by, we will visit them, bringing them some food. Even my kids enjoy the time we spent there. I just can't imagine what will happen to them in the future. A suggestion: The developer can actually create a mini zoo with a difference. I mean Sunway has a petting zoo so Putra Heights can opt for feeding the monkeys zoo! I do hope our kind ritual, of visiting and feeding the monkeys, can continue forever!

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