Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Disney's High School Musical: Summer Celebration!

Last Friday, I was down with sore throat, fever and blocked nose. I was annoyed when I left the clinic as the doctor had suggested that I should take the Tammy flu pills, just in case, since I have influenza like symptoms. I doubt that I have H1N1 hence I declined it, furthermore, it's not cheap. Local produced pills cost RM80 for 10 pills and the ones from US costs RM120!!! Oops! Off topic ;-)

Anyway, on the way home, I was listening to in the car and they were offering 2 free tickets to watch High School Musical! I immediately dialed their number and after a few tries, I actually got through! My heart was beating damn fast when Ean answered the call, all the while trying to recall what I was supposed to do ;-) I didn't pay attention until when they said "Call now" *grinning* Anyway, I was supposed to plead to JJ and Ean for the tickets 'musically'... yes, I have to sing!!! Me in my 'horsey' voice, singing tuneless pleading them to give me the tickets... geez!!! My hubby was trying to hold back his laughter! Well, I got it! 2 tickets to watch Disney's High School Musical: Summer Celebration on Sunday, 8pm show! Only 1 problem though... who should I bring? I tried asking for 4 but unfortunately, they can't give me extras... sigh! In the end, hubby and I decided that I should bring my son as he likes High School Musical whereas my girl prefers Camp Rock.

It was held at KL Convention Centre so we decided to take the LRT there since it was PC Fair's last day, to avoid the traffic jam. It was a smooth ride for a Sunday. However a weird incident happened in the train though. A foreigner had actually vomited once he boarded the train. Everyone quickly moved aside as his vomit was sprinkling all over. I had baby wipes with me so I offered that to him. Kesian lah! Once we reached KLCC, the crowd... OMG! It was so crowded, jam packed with people! We quickly make our way to the convention centre. We reached the ticket counter, just in time, at 7pm to collect the tickets. We were one of the early birds actually. As there was nothing much to do, we walked around the convention centre, avoiding PC Fair though, as it will definitely be crowded. Some of the pics taken while idling away...

The lift to Plenary Hall:

Tickets for the show!

Early birds waiting for the doors to open:

The official bunting:

In collaboration with The Star, they actually have a counter selling magazines bundled with 2 old issues. I got Kuntum for my son, RM2 for 1 latest issue and 2 old issues!

The famous PC Fair bunting:

The crowd started to pick up around 7.30pm:

Finally the doors opened around 7.45pm! We got the upstairs tickets thus the view was a little far, can't complaint much since it's free:

The view below:

Before the show started, the convention centre actually had someone briefing us about the safety drill. It's good, in case anything bad happened, but no one actually paid attention. Typical! Anyway, the show was splendid and entertaining, it's a compilation of songs from High School Musical 1, 2 and 3, instead of listening from a CD, this is a live musical of it. Some of the songs they sang: We're all in this together, Fabulous, Can I have this dance, Bop to the top, Getcha head in the game and Stick to the status quo. The casts had really powerful vocals and superb dance routines! 'Kelsi' and 'Taylor' were the narrators for the whole show and they were good.

The casts:
Joel Santiago as Troy Bolton
Brooke Gibson as Gabriella Montez
Ashton Frederick as Kelsi Nielsen
Stephanie Smith as Taylor McKessie
Daniel Smith as Chad Danforth
Lindsey Medlen as the famous Sharpay
Kevin Kempscynski as Ryan Evans

They had 1 lucky viewer to sing 'acapella', can't remember the song title though, and this boy was really good. I missed taking the pic as he was mesmerizing, so brave, for a 6 year old boy. They also selected 1 lucky viewer to go on stage to dance with 'Troy'! Lucky her!

I forgot to note down which song they sang for which pic ;-) I do have poor memory and I was really enjoying the show! I was impressed there were so many die hard fans, who actually remembered the songs, the lyrics, everything about High School Musical! I felt a little off since I can't remember much, except for the part when Troy and Gabriella first met singing in a karaoke joint. I know... shame on me! Only 1 disappointment for me though, I didn't know there were booklets available, not sure for sale or giveaway, we saw some people having it. We didn't get a copy as no one mentioned it to us, even when we collected out tickets. Anyway, my son was really awed and enjoyed the whole show! Thanks to for the tickets!!!

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