Sunday, 13 December 2009

Day Trip to Malacca

Last Friday was a public holiday for Selangor, Sultan Selangor's Birthday. We decided to bring our kids to Malacca for a day trip, assuming it wouldn't be crowded. We left early, hoping to eat the famous chicken rice ball for breakfast as my mother in law has not eaten it before. We reached Malacca around 9am and the traffic was clear all the way.

We headed straight to Jonker's Street and parked our car at a nearby open car park since we would be on foot all the way. We went to Kedai Kopi Chung Wah for our chicken rice ball. It wasn't crowded yet then. We were too famished, once the food was served, we ate immediately, forgetting to take a pic of it :p It tasted good, as always, the chicken was soft and tender, chilli and rice balls just right.

Next we stopped at Restoran Famosa Chicken Rice Ball for cendol.

The last time we came, their cendol was good. Unfortunately, their QC failed this time, it wasn't as good as the first time we had it, not enough gula melaka for sure with too much coconut milk.

We walked along Jonker's Walk but there wasn't much too see yet since we were early. Majority of the shops open around 12 noon. We had a bad experience with this shop though.

We wanted to get some hats for our kids since the weather was very hot. They were trying out different hats. But when we wanted to snap a pic so that our girl can see if she likes it, the salesgirl materialized out of no where and stopped us from doing so. We felt offended since we were there for a good 10 mins and no one had attended us. We just left that shop, feeling annoyed. If she had phrased it politely, she would have gotten the sale!

The weather was extremely hot that day, as though we were having heat stroke. Of all time, I forgot to apply sun block, damn! My skin was burning the whole time! We saw so many interesting stuffs along the street though! Food, souvenirs, shoes, clothes, accessories... I was drooling! Here are some interesting pics we took...

The end of Jonker's Walk

We came across this bakery, with a huge attraction!

I've never seen such a huge pineapple tart before!!!

We bought some pineapple tarts, traditional biscuits and cincalok. The tarts really tasted good, the pastry was just nice, crumbled in the mouth.

This bakery next door has another interesting feature

A mascot beetle!!!

The traffic had picked up, while walking back to the car park, it was around 12.30pm then

After dumping our purchases in the car, we walked towards Stadhuys. Even the flowers were parched under the hot, blazing sun

We left around 1.30pm, time to hunt for lunch and H2O!!! We finally decided to go to Donald & Lily's after collecting the car. It's crowded, we had to wait for a table. We ordered mee siam, curry laksa, tau kua rojak and cendol (again!) Their quality never failed, the wait was worth it ;-)

Again, we forgot to take the pics when food was served! We were too famished and parched!!!

We moved on to Muzium Samudera after lunch. We didn't go in, just took some pics from outside

We finally left Malacca around 3pm. I felt my skin burnt from the heat and glaring sun, can't wait to go home and apply loads of Rosken. Luckily the traffic was clear and smooth all the way home. We did dropped by Empayar Seremban Siew Pau to buy some famous siew pau and delicacies ;-) Really had a wonderful trip with my kids, enjoyed the quality time spent with them then. Hoped for another worthwhile trip with them in the near future


CathJ said...

Great holiday.. It's been quite a while didn't visit Malacca.. Will visit again soon.. ^_^

Susan said...

Thanks... you should :-)


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