Thursday, 17 December 2009

Biadap Taxi Driver

Damn! My telephone line was down and I couldn’t post this yesterday. Telekom Malaysia, it’s the umpteenth time my phone line is down, please look into this seriously!

This happened yesterday morning:-

This morning’s incident reminded me of a minister’s finding that rude taxi drivers topped the list of complaints from tourists. We were stuck in a daily traffic jam from Kesas Highway, exiting at the ramp to Jalan Kewajipan, Subang Jaya. Suddenly a taxi driver on our left was driving recklessly and impatiently, kept revving his yellow coloured taxi (HB 8646, Metrocab Annexe Sdn Bhd) and tried to jump the queue to either on his left or right. All lanes were stuck and inching slowly towards the exit. He couldn’t be bothered and just ‘shoved’ his taxi into the left lane, squeezing passed in between the cars even though there wasn’t much space. His taxi actually grazed the car he was overtaking but he ignored it. The woman in the grazed car can only curse and swear but didn’t stop that ‘biadap’ taxi, most likely afraid he could be a mad man and she has her young boy in the car with her. We were appalled by the action of this taxi driver! He looked smug and happy after jumping the queue, acted normal as though nothing has happened.  Come on! What is wrong with him???

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