Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Movie review - October 09

Nothing much in October as busy with work, watched more series at home, and also DVD

1) Night at the museum 2 - I have not watched part 1 before but it's ok to pick up from 2 as it's a different set of story. Really entertaining and Ben Stiller is really good, a very entertaining comedian

2) Taking of Pelham 123 - I didn't feel like watching it at first but once my hubby played it, I just sat there stuck on the TV. It really keeps my on my toes. John Travolta was really good as a villain. I've never seen him as a villain character before (I didn't watch Face Off) Very good storyline but then ending was slacking a bit. I guess I was really expecting more towards the end.

Managed to catch a movie i.e. Surrogates which was really worth it to watch in the cinema. I really do wish we are living in such world, I mean to be beautiful and young forever. Really good action packed movie.

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