Saturday, 7 November 2009

Final destination 5?

My colleague saw this news on the internet and searched in You Tube for any news recording of this. It was of a baby boy who survived a train ramming onto him. It was so ghastly to see the actual incident! Mother was chatting with her friends at a train station. She adjusted her pram as the train was reaching. She lets go of the pram to adjust her trousers and wallah! The pram just glided forward and fell onto the track! Mother ran forward to catch the pram but too late! It has fallen and she had to quickly backtracked as the train was too near and nearly hit her. The train finally stopped a few feet away. She cried and shouted for help. It's something no one would ever wanted to happen. I guess I would have fainted. Fortunately for her, baby boy actually survived this accident. Thanks the pram's safety belt! He was snugly fitted with the belt and that actually saved him. Furthermore he toppled upside down hence the train practically pushed him forward and not crushing the pram! He is a really lucky boy and God was really there looking after him! We seldom hear someone surviving freak train accidents such as this. God bless the baby boy. It sounded like Final Destination 5 in the making though ;-)

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