Saturday, 3 October 2009


I've always loved the traditional doughnut dipped in sugar... can never forget that special taste... fresh from the bakery... slurp! Saliva dripping ;-) Nowadays there are many different types of doughnuts with so many colourful varieties and weird yet attractive names to go with it. Can never imagined that one day, doughnuts will become competitive, with price wars, to attract more business. The current crazed which I've tasted are as below:

1) Dunkin Donut
This brand has existed in our country for as long as I can remember. It was the 'IN' doughnut then and I've always loved the mocha frost

2) J.CO
When I first heard about this company in Indonesia, I just couldn't believe it, as they claimed that the queue was always long everyday and the doughnuts were differently delicious. So when it hit Malaysian shores, I just had to go and try it myself to satisfy my curiosity. When I reached the shop, I just can't believe my eyes... the queue was so damn long! When I finally got my doughnuts, I was famished and can't stop salivating. It has so many beautiful varieties, colourful, attractive names to go with it. My first bite felt like heaven... the doughnuts were so fresh, tasted delicious. It even melted in my mouth! Just like M&M! Yummy!

3) Big Apple
Hmmm... similar to J.Co... not sure who copied who but it's as good. Really fresh and tasty, smells as great and yummy!

4) Krispy Kreme
With all the big hype, I couldn't stop myself from trying this. Honestly, I was taken aback. It tastes totally different from the above 3, even looks different with lesser varieties. The first bite was like 'hmmm... kinda crispy' then 'kinda fluffy' then my mind went blank. Honestly, I could be biased as different people would have different opinion with different taste bud but I can't help but think that it wasn't as good as it should be.

My verdit:
1) J.Co
2) Big Apple
3) Dunkin Donut
4) Krispy Kreme

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