Monday, 14 September 2009

Taylor Swift @ MTV VMA 2009

I was appalled when I read the news earlier today about Kanya West bursting on the stage and took away the microphone from Taylor Swift! OMG! How low can someone be... just to get attention for himself, blabbing that Beyonce's video was much better and spoiled another person's victory??? Just because he didn't win anything doesn't mean he has the right to spoil Taylor's speech. This is really too much. He really isn't a gentleman and a very rude boy indeed. Why I say boy? As he still hasn't grown up or else he would have behaved properly. He didn't even have the courtesy to apologize to Taylor properly... apparently he apologized in his blog but in BOLD letters! Meaning he wasn't apologizing from his heart at all! I assumed everyone was also shocked by his attitude... even Beyonce was surprised by this outburst... she was such a lady... invited and gave Taylor a chance to finish her speech... so sweet of her ;-) Kudos to Beyonce! Taylor was also a lady by not saying anything bad about Kanye when she was interviewed after the fact. It really takes a lot of courage by not swearing and cursing at him.

Everyone will remember the BAD start and the GOOD ending of MTV Video Music Awards year 2009. I know I will @_@

Congratulations to both Beyonce and Taylor Swift! 2 talented and outstanding ladies in their own right...

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