Friday, 25 September 2009

Raya holiday

I had a wonderful time during the recent Raya holiday with my kids. Going anywhere was a breeze as the usual traffic jam has dispersed with everyone 'balik kampung' leaving the city as it should be... free of traffic ;-) We went to numerous shopping malls i.e. Summit, 1 Utama, Sunway Pyramid, Subang Parade, The Gardens and Mid Valley... journeys were smooth... except for the human traffic in some malls itself... those never changed :P

Summit has always been a low key mall and a favourite due to the low traffic... went there to catch a movie with my kids. Yeap, you guessed it, G-force! A very unfortunate thing happen in the cinema though. Someone at the row behind us was sneezing and coughing non-stop urgh! Why sick people won't stay home??? Don't they know it's contagious? It could also be H1N1!!!

1 Utama was a last minute decision after fetching my sis from the airport. It was a breeze going there but the human traffic was terrible! My sis wanted to get a pair of shoes but in the end we went off empty handed as it was too crowded.

We went to Sunway Pyramid for the superb Thai BBQ... yummy! It's really delicious and value for money ;-) This mall will always be my favourite busy mall as it has all the shops I like and the traffic flow is always manageable. The toilets are clean too which is a big plus!

Subang Parade with it's classy appeal is a cool family mall. I've always enjoyed the laid back environment and I can just 'lepak' around. I always managed to shop some shoes for my kids here... as compared to other malls where I'll always leave empty handed.

The Gardens... what can I say? Too classy and expensive but with uneducated human traffic? Well, I had a bad experience in the ladies. I was queuing with my girl and I had to turn around to grab some toilet paper. When I turned back, my girl was out of the queue and another girl had taken her place. I immediately questioned my girl what has happened. Before she could answer, the woman at the next stall grab that girl to her queue... her daughter apparently... pretending not to hear my outrage and didn't even apologized. What kind of a mother is this??? Teaching them from young to jump queue! What an education!

Mid Valley... huge shopping mall with loads of shops... but nothing much to shop as it was too crowded... same as 1 Utama.

My verdict of best malls:
1) Sunway Pyramid
2) Subang Parade
3) Summit

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