Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Fat hope (TheStar dd 05/09/09)

When I read this article, Fat Hope (The Star dd 05/09/09, Talking about, page WE2), it really hits home.

'How can some women gorge on food and not gain weight, while others who diet struggle to shed even a pound to fit into that little black dress?'

Hmmm... since young, I have been having weight problem i.e. too skinny, too bony, too skeletal, etc. My weight then was 38kg during my teenage years. As when I hit adulthood, my weight was only 40kg to 42kg. I have been trying to gain as much weight as I could but I can never gain much. Once I managed to gain some, I'll fall sick. It was really difficult to shop for clothes as most of size S is still big for me. I have to look for XS if possible. My waist then was around 22" to 24". Very tormenting to shop for bottoms... sigh! My friends envied my size as it was considered the ideal one but I was unhappy as being under weight is no laughing matter. Yes, I can eat all I want, anything I want, anytime I want without worrying about gaining weight but I still have to take care of my bulging tummy as I seldom exercise. Very tough! I keep telling myself that I would probably gain some weight when I'm pregnant. A lot of my friends kept telling me this too...

FINALLY! I actually do gain weight during my first pregnancy i.e. about 5kg! minus baby's weight :p I managed to maintain it at 48kg until I have my second child. I'm now a size M weighing 50kg which is my ideal weight :-) I'm really happy with myself now as I look good in any clothes (ignore the tummy, have yet to lose the excess fats from pregnancies) Now my next target is to practice yoga to maintain a healthy body ;-)

So to those ladies featured in the article, don't worry, you will finally gain some weight during a phase in your lifetime. Just be happy with what you have now and enjoy life to the fullest!

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