Tuesday, 4 August 2009

SMSJ reunion

When I received an invite to the above event, I was stumped... to go or not to go? It's a reunion for all ex-SMSJ students. I've been thinking about it, trying to decide why I should go or why I shouldn't. In the end, shouldn't go won the debate and I have declined the invitation. I know it sounds odd as most people would gladly go, get to meet their old schoolmates, catch up on old times, etc. Mind you, I didn't have a good schooling life and I'm never proud of it at all. Well, I was very naive and stupid enough, playful and lazy to sum it all. It was a very sad, traumatic, horrific experience for me and I really wished I can turn back the clock. I hoped to have chosen the right friends, the right classes, the right mindset. If I had chosen to attend, I wouldn't know what to expect and do, I've lost touch with all my schoolmates. Not too sure how I can catch up with them or mingle at the least. It'll be too rigid and false for me to behave that way, very fake and not genuine at all.

Due to my past, I'm very attentive and observant of my kids situation in school, ensuring they do the right thing, mix with the right people, behaving correctly, etc. I know I can't be there all the time monitoring them but at least I can guide them as much I can so that they don't end up regretting about their school life when they are older. It's supposed to be a good and memorable experience for them to reminisce in their adulthood. I do hope it works and my kids will have a wonderful school life.

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