Friday, 28 August 2009

Movie review - August 09

This month is a busy month for me. Work was piling up hence only managed to catch 1 movie in the cinema... the famous GI Joe! Overall, this movie was full of action, excitement and fantastic FX! Who says it was lousy, boring, etc... these people honestly expects too much from a movie. When Sienna Miller appeared, I was surprised! She looks damn good! She definitely looks much better after ditching Jude Law. It was really worth the money to watch this movie in the cinema.

I did managed to catch up on my CSI trilogies and Life. It was relaxing and I was able to do some crochet while watching the series ;-)

DVD's that I managed to watch were Star Trek Nemesis and X-men: Wolverine. I honestly can't remember why I had missed watching Star Trek Nemesis in the cinema. It was a really good movie and worth watching in the cinema. I am a Star Trek fan hence I guess anything Star Trek is good for me ;-)

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