Wednesday, 5 August 2009


I was surprised when I received a letter from Astro last week, informing me of the price change for the package that I have subscribed. There was an increase in the Sports package of about RM20. I was wondering why and what for since Astro has monopolized the cable TV market. It was like taking a knife to our throat, forcing us to absorb it. As it is, I am paying about RM100 monthly and I'm seldom home to watch all the channels. I really had enough of it so I've decided to cancel some of the packages. After checking out their website and playing around the package selection, I just need to pay around RM70 only with channels that I really watch ;-)

If Astro is going to continue this trend, most customers would act like me... reducing the package. Some might even just terminate it. If only Astro didn't monopolize the sports channels, I would have just terminated it. Anyhow, the end result would be damaging for Astro and not the consumer in the long run.

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