Thursday, 27 August 2009

Alfa Romeo test drive

I joined a group of friends for a test drive at Alfa Romeo's showroom in PJ the other day. I was excited as I wanted to 'feel' the GT model. My friend was curious of the new Mito so she registered for a test drive. As the waiting list was long, she registered to test drive the GT and Broero too. I gladly hopped onto the GT when the opportunity comes without a second thought ;-) From the moment she started the car to the road and back to the showroom, it was eternal bliss! The car was really gearing up to go with superb energy! However, Broero was all look but no energy :-(

Waiting for Mito was really frustrating as a few other testers have been allowed to jumped the queue. The waiting list was long and they actually allowed their other 'regular' testers to jump queue! This was really too much! Luckily my friend was the patient kind so they didn't get any blasting from her. I just didn't really expect such scenario should happen at a prestigious car showroom :-( Anyway, overall, Mito was a good manual car although the design looks cartoonish. I still prefer the GT, looks good and feels good :p


Unknown said...

I will vote the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta the most beautiful car in production right now! The fact that you have a choice of multiair engines (which cleverly cut down on fuel consumption) is superb!! I would love to take it for a test drive to see how powerful it is.

Susan said...

Wow! Thanks for the update!


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