Wednesday, 29 July 2009

RIP Yasmin Ahmad

Honestly, I have never watched her movies but I've always loved her TV commercials. It's always very touching with family and moral values. It's her unique and distinguished trade mark which no one can ever imitate or replaced. It was a surprised when I heard she had passed away due to stroke and brain hemorrhage. It sounded like another commercial of hers... her passing away suddenly, without being able to say goodbye to her loved ones, while working. Moral of this is to always plan ahead for your loved ones, always express your feelings for them, exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle. Life is short. We will never know when is our turn.

It really struck a chord for me... need to organize my life... re-prioritize... planning for my kids. Of course, not forgetting to watch all her movies, if possible. Live life to the fullest!

Yasmin, may you rest in peace.

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