Monday, 20 July 2009

Sales update - July

The Malaysia Mega Sales Carnival is on now until next month! Every single corner you turn to you can see sales... sales... sales... Even the radio, TV and print advertisements were full of it!I did noticed that the prices are much lower this time... probably due to the economic slowdown. However the buying power is less... we don't see everyone carrying their purchases... quite a number of people are empty handed. It just shows how bad the economy has impacted the market. The same goes for myself, I shopped within my shopping list, nothing more as I'm really cash-strapped.

Anyway, apart from the gloominess, below are the warehouse sales which are around the corner:

1) Lux Asia Warehouse Sales
@ Dataran Hamodal from 28/07/09 to 31/07/09 10am to 5.30pm

2) Pay Less Books Warehouse Sales
@ 3K Inn Hotel from 31/07/09 to 02/08/09 10am to 7pm

3) Hush Puppies Footwear Warehouse Sales
@ Armada Hotel from 31/07/09 to 02/08/09 10am to 8pm

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