Friday, 10 July 2009

MJ's memorial on 07/07/09

I was lucky I was able to watch MJ's memorial on 8tv's website streaming which was available on the same day for 24 hours only. It was a sombre mood... when Mariah Carey started singing... you can feel the sadness in the air. As the memorial goes on, you can actually felt the grief everyone was feeling. Brooke Shields' speech was especially harrowing... a really good friend sharing her memorable moments with all of us. I didn't know MJ was really buddy with Brooke until that day and their friendship was way back then. When Jermaine sang Smile, I was trying to hold back my tears. But when Marlon gave his speech, I was taken aback... he sounded so unreal... I mean he doesn't looked or sounded in grief at all, even his body language gave him away. When Paris moved over to the mike and gave that short but sweet speech, I can't take it anymore. The tears just gave way... sob! It's so sad that everyone was speculating whether MJ was Prince, Paris and Blanket's paternal father. Come on... they have the honey-toned skin, similar to Mariah-coming from mixed parentage, with a little of MJ's features... sigh! Even after his death, everyone is still speculating this or that. Let him rest in peace!

Overall, the memorial was really grand and memorable befitting the King of Pop. Thanks to 8tv for providing this good quality streaming for all MJ fans who were not able to catch the 1am show earlier.

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