Friday, 10 July 2009

Maths and Science in English

When I saw the result in the newspaper today, I was really disappointed. The government is going to resume teachings of Maths and Science in Bahasa Malaysia (BM). I really don't understand why. Majority of Malaysians prefer it to be in English though.

I personally experienced the difficulty as I was from a Kebangsaan school and studied Accounts in Art Stream in BM. When I took LCCI in college, everything was in English. I had a hard time understanding it and translating what I have learnt in secondary school from BM to English. It wasn't easy adapting to it and in the end, I flunk the exam. Probably, I'm too slow to understand Accounts in English. What a waste of my parent's money. My friends also experienced the same for other subjects i.e. Maths, Physics, etc.

I do hope the government will reconsider their decision and rethink this since this will only start in year 2012. My son is studying in a vernacular school and he really enjoys these subjects in English. He can also associate those English extra-curricular books or workbooks in the bookstores with what he has learnt in school for this subjects. I think it will be difficult for him if he has been studying it in BM. I know the end result is still government's decision but I do hope they reconsider it again. It's not just the language itself. It's the whole aspect, subject and individual lingo for that matter.

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