Saturday, 11 July 2009

Durian & iced tea

I had the most memorable birthday celebration this year... I had it at a durian stall... LOL! A friend was requesting for durians since passing by SS2 'eat all you can' durian stalls a number of times. My hubby and I was thinking 'What the heck, why not have it there?' So we actually set the date and chose the stall at random. They had 2 different tiers i.e. RM10 for kampung durians and RM20 for specials. We chose the special ones, preferring the 'branded' durians. The staff brought a few durians and continuously replenished once our table started to empty. It was really an experience and I felt so bloated. We went there after work hence I didn't take dinner at all. So having durians with an empty stomach was really damaging.

After our durian fest, we proceed to Wong Kok to catch the 'Iced tea birthday special'. It's actually a pail of iced tea for the birthday boy or girl, by presenting IC as proof. It was really a big pail or you can call it a bucket of iced tea, easily for 10 pax. My friends could still eat some solid food but not for me... having durian and iced tea on an empty stomach = bad choice, it was already starting to rumble and erupt.

When I woke up the next day, my stomach was growling and groaning with pain... the doctor said I have indigestion and my stomach was really windy. I had to be on MC to recuperate... sigh! It really was a memorable 37th birthday for me!

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