Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Movie review-June 09

Watched a few movies this month... pretty busy with something else ;-)

1) Thumbelina - watched this during the school holidays with my kids. Really nice cartoon featuring Barbie, educational, meaningful and interesting to watch.

2) Confessions of a shopaholic - I've actually read all the shopaholic series which were really funny and entertaining. I just love Becky Bloomwood... funny yet innocent. Surprisingly, the movie was really entertaining and funny too although a few of the important elements were left out of the movie. Good for a good laugh to release stress.

1) Monsters vs Aliens - some may like it and some may not as the story line is kinda familiar. To me, it's entertaining to watch and my kids were laughing non-stop... the cinema was full of their laughter

2) Terminator Salvation - hmmm... good fighting scenes, good sound effects, predictable story line. Oh yeah, Christian Bale was ruggedly good looking!

3) Transformers: Revenge of the fallen - 1 word says it all... FANTASTIC! Really worth it to watch in the cinema with the superb sound effects, fighting scenes, entertaining, exciting.... it can go on and on

Though I have watched only 5 movies but all were really good ones! Just can't wait for next month... more good movies to come... Ice Age 3, Harry Potter and GI Joe!

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