Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Japan Super GT 2009

I have not been to a Japan GT for a while now as the tickets are getting expensive. The first time I went, if I remember correctly, it was half the price and I get to go to the pit FOC during the pit walkabout. The recent GT (20/6 - 21/6) was RM100 per pax and an additional RM100 for the pit walkabout... it's expensive to me. Even the food and drinks were costly i.e. nasi lemak with chicken costs RM6, 100plus costs RM3 per can, 1 bottle of papaya costs RM3, small mineral water RM3, A&W rootbeer RM4. They don't allow us to bring in outside food and drinks, we know why lah after looking at the prices ;-)

Thanks to a good friend, I got free tickets to the GT but without the pit walkabout which my hubby and I were ok with it. The weather was so hot and humid... even rain didn't push the humidity away. There were many booths selling car related products except for one which really captured my attention... Thai beer... yes, you read it correctly, Thai beer. So many guys were crowding that booth since there were 2 sexy promoters giving out freebies! The highlight of the event was actually not the race... surprised? Me too... it was actually a bunch of beautiful and sweet girls... the GT Queens and GT girls! Whenever they appeared, the guys were like bees and the girls like honeys... they were chasing the girls everywhere just to photograph them. I do pity them as I really felt they were fully exploited, having to wear those tiny, barely there clothes and all those men gawking at them. Some even take the opportunity to make friends with them. I did managed to take some pics of these guys gawking, snapping photos of the girls and ignoring the cars they were promoting... LOL! (will try to upload it here when I can) I heard these girls were highly paid so I guess the exploitation is one of their occupational hazzard. As the main race was about to start, I noticed a lot of students have come for the event. Apparently they have gotten free tickets to come and support the race. Luckily I got it for free too or else I would have felt the pinch.

I really enjoyed the race as I loved the loud and noisy exhaust and engine noise. It really gave me the ultimate 'orgasm' whenever the cars races by... sigh! I know, my friends said I'm crazy :P Towards the end of the main race (GT300 and GT500), one of the cars spunned out of control at a sharp bend. Then I realised the driver has actually fainted due to the horrendous heat! Poor driver! An interesting event to cap the end of the show though ;-)

Congrats to car no.3 Nissan Skyline GTR!!!

Next: Moto GP

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