Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Books warehouse sales

Most women will melt when they saw the words 'sales' or 'warehouse sales'. These words are like magic... it can brighten up our days, make the world a better place, everything glowing and nice... just like the chic-lit Shopaholic series. After reading the books, I actually felt better, knowing that I'm just a normal person experiencing the same hormonal imbalance as other women ;-)

Well, for me, the ultimate one is BOOKS! I love everything fiction... from Sophie Kinsella to JK Rowling to Dan Brown to Patricia Cornwell to Jeffrey Archer to Nora Roberts to Nicholas Sparks! The list can go on and on... It's so peaceful, serene, heavenly... sigh! The past month was really blissful as I had gone to 3 books warehouse sales i.e. Times Warehouse Sales, Popular Clearance Sales and Big Bad Book Sales. However I missed 2 which I really liked i.e. MPH Warehouse Sales and Pay Less Books Warehouse Sales as they have more varieties of fictions which are my cup of tea. These sales are like a spa therapy which can sooth all my stress and troubles away. We will feel the adrenalin rush when we found the book we have been looking for or the price has been slashed to 50%! OMG! I can just ramble on non-stop about this!

Time Warehouse Sales was located at 19 Digital Mall, a new mall located in USJ. I liked this location as the crowd was sparse and I can just take my own sweet time to look for the titles I wanted. I noticed there weren't many choices ... mostly old titles which are not that popular i.e. mini series titles, not so popular authors, etc. The categories were all mixed up as they have placed it according to discounts hence difficult to search and have to go through it one by one. Pricing was cheap, probably since it's old. In the end, managed to buy a few books for my kids.

Popular Clearance Sales was in Summit USJ and it was so damn hot! No air-con and humid, crowded and cramped! Many varieties for Chinese section but limited choices for English books. It was easy to search for titles as all was in proper category with clear signage. In the end got a few books for my kids again

Big Bad Book Sales had it at Dataran Hamodal PJ but the advertisement was misleading i.e. fully air-con but I don't feel much air-con when I was there! Did feel some breeze here and there but overall was stuffy and humid. However the selection of books were superb! Many varieties especially fiction, thriller, self-help, DIY. All properly categorized hence easier to search but poor pricing guide. I managed to buy a few books for myself and kids which was really worth the sweat and heat ;-)

Pay Less Books will be having another clearance at 3K Inn Subang Jaya from 31/07/09 to 02/08/09. Not sure if I'll be in KL then to swarm the books there :p They can call me a nerd or a geek or whatever but books are the best medicine!

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