Thursday, 7 May 2009

Mat rempits

Lately, we can read or hear loads of news about errant motorcyclists a.k.a mat rempit. They are a nuisance to the society... riding haphazardly, noisy motorbikes, etc... The latest one was snatch thieves, causing the death of 2 mothers-to-be and an old lady. They have been on the road for a long time and no one has ever bothered stopping them. Hence the growth of such individuals. To clamp them down now will definitely take a longer time as they know clearly where to run and hide. It's not an easy task but I do hope they will be shut down for good.

Everytime when I saw the ad on road safety where it advices the car drivers to be more alert of the motorcyclists, I really disagree with that ad. It should be the opposite i.e. the motorcyclists should be more alert of the cars since they are the ones who simply dived left or right on the road, suddenly swinging to this or that lane, zig zagging. I dare say, 90% of the accidents involving motorcyclists were due to motorcyclist's negligence or ignorance and not the car driver's fault. They also prefer to wear dark clothes or jackets especially at night. How to notice them?

Of course, with all the attention on mat rempits, everyone will easily forget the reckless car or heavy vehicle drivers. 10% of accidents involving motorcyclists were caused by reckless drivers. They were either driving very fast or racing on the road or 'cucuking' or zig zagging or... the list can also go on and on. With their recklessness, good motorcyclists cannot gauge these drivers next move... and then 'bam' 'wham' 'kaput'! Most of the time, the drivers will drive off... hit and run... majority I've heard were either lorry drivers or van drivers... sigh! These motorcyclists will never stand the chance... usually die on the spot. I hope the authorities will not forget and also clamp down these errant drivers, not only concentrating on mat rempits.

The law covers all and not to a specific type of vehicle.

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