Monday, 18 May 2009


With the pandemic growth of H1N1 flu worldwide, each country is working together to stop this blowout. This is a great effort from all and for a moment, war is at the back of every countries' mind. It's good to see everyone stick together to fight the biggest enemy now... influenza A (H1N1).

Malaysia has become the 36th country affected by this flu with 2 victims hospitalized. However, when I read that the government is appealing to those who had traveled on the same flight as the victims to come forward, I was surprised. I really don't understand why the government needs them to come forward. I believe both MAS and Air Asia would have the lists of passengers thus they can obtain it and start calling those passengers up instead of waiting for them to come forward. Knowing Malaysian's, they will wait until the last minute. In this instance, when they are very sick, then only they will report themselves. By then, it's too late as probably a few hundred Malaysian's might be affected!

- my bad, just got to know they did try to contact the passengers but some were uncontactable. Sad but true... typical Malaysians

It's also good that this case is transparent to all. We could know of some people who tries to hide away or avoid being detected. These people is either shy or not bothered, ignorant of the seriousness of this flu. Then we can be pro-active citizens, persuading them to come forward. Whichever way, I do hope this will dissipate soon, vanish from earth!

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