Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Guts/ balls/ brains

Some guys say they have the guts and some say they have the balls to do it. At times, I felt like asking 'Do you have the brains?'

Whenever there is a fight, friends of each group will help each other to fight the other group. Reasons of fight can be as nothingness as just by accidentally knocking into each other or, like my previous topic, football or over girls. Brothers, or Heng Tai in cantonese, will always 'help' each other apparently.

On the road, at times we experience other cars tail-gating us, cucuking as known in Bahasa Malaysia. These drivers are ignorant of the traffic rules. Just because they are driving a faster car meaning that they can flout the laws. Different guys will react differently. Some will automatically gave chase, as though they are F1 drivers. Some will move aside and let them passed by. Some are stubborn and will not give way.

When one is going through a divorce because of an extra-marital affair, some will give their support, some will punch his lights out and some will provide a valid advice.

Through this economic crisis, quite a number has lost their jobs. Some will share it with a few friends to vent out their anger but some will keep it quiet and not tell a soul.

Some guys are easily enticed by the beautiful women they met when they are abroad and pursued them even though they are married. Some will just befriend them and draw a line there since they are married. Some will actually look out for these women whenever they have the chance since they are faraway from their wife. Some married men will just look and admire, since God gave us eyes to appreciate the beautiful things in life, and stop there.

What say you? Which move is with guts or balls or brains? In my own opinion, a guy with guts or balls will react without thinking of their loved ones or their own safety, more of a coward or kiasu in Hokkien. A guy with brains is the one who actually has the guts or balls, to think before he reacts to a situation rationally.

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