Thursday, 7 May 2009


Practically everyone I know is crazy about football. Whether it's the game itself or footballers or both... everyone has their own say or thoughts. I've come across a private blog where all members of that club can voice out their thoughts of the game. Some remarks were extreme, some were jesting, some were serious, some were pointless... as there are no boundaries. Due to this, 2 members were not happy with each other's remarks and they finally decided to meet somewhere to 'table talk'. 1 actually went alone thinking that it was just a friendly talk. The other brought 2 bodyguards. The outcome... before the innocent one gets to talk it over, the bodyguards walloped him! Imagine that! Over football! How shallow men are! Geez.... and they say women are sensitive, shallow creatures! In fact men are the insecure, shallow creatures! When I heard the news, I was appalled... I hope the innocent one will make a police report so that the bully gets arrested. This is way too much... over football??? Go figure!

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