Thursday, 28 May 2009

Child abuse by single mother

When I saw this morning's paper, my heart broke. Front page news was about a 5 years old boy who has been abused by his mother since he was 3 years old. The pictures of his scars and bruises were horrific! It broke my heart to see scalded scars on his head... he could have been mentally ill by all this torture! He lost practically half of his teeth... luckily, baby teeth, lets hope his gums were not injured and it will grow again. His bottom lips were cut. I really don't know what he has done to deserve this cruel punishment! He is just a boy for goodness sake! Any 5 years old boy will tend to be hyper-active and curious... if he's not then something is wrong with him!

I hope the authorities will jail his mother for all the torturings and place this boy in good care, a couple who will cherish him and care for his future. Yes, I understand that his mother could be psychologically imbalanced due to the fact that her husband has left and divorced her. The stress of bringing up a boy on her own. All this is not a reason for her to abuse the boy. She should have seek medical help... we have so many NGOs in the country helping single mothers, to cope with the stress, a helping hand, etc. She's a piano teacher... I wonder how she treats her students.... sigh!

When I Google searched 'single mother association malaysia', so many results appeared. The most important one to remember is - Women's Aid Organisation. I generally glanced through the first page... other sites that appeared are - Multi Mutual Charity Association and The rest are topics or journals of Corporate Service Responsibility by companies or organisations, helping single mothers. It shows that everyone does acknowledged the stress that single mothers had to endure. It is a problem these mothers have to acknowledge and accept in order to face a better future. If they don't then more of such cases will appear in the newspapers.

To all the single mothers out there, I do salute you for doing all you can for your kids. For those who has a problem, please acknowledge it and get help! Log on to or call their counselling line 03-7956 3488

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