Friday, 15 May 2009


This economic slowdown has impacted a lot of people, including myself. My hubby is also jobless hence makes everything worst. All the bills are piling up and the banks are not helping. When I heard of AKPK, I was sceptical but I had no choice. I searched through internet, found the website and submit my inquiries. They replied almost immediately, asking me to attend their briefing session. I went, listen and then made an appointment to see their counsellor. Everything went smoothly and now I'm under their program. It has relieved my monthly commitments and I can breathe easily. I am so grateful Bank Negara has created such a helpful organization to help people like me.

As for the banks, some of them were not helpful at all, like what my friends always refered them as 'legal Ah Long with licence'. They called and 'harrassed' non-stop even though we told them we have applied for AKPK program. The kind ones were understanding, they noted it in their system and will call after awhile when they haven't received any letters yet, SMS their fax numbers so that I can fax it to them when I received the letter.

However, there is one particular bank, very rude using 'Unknown caller' number to 'harrass' me. I have informed them not to call me using CLIR number but they ignored my pleas. Other banks respected me and noted my request. I never liked answering CLIR numbers as majority are sales agents selling something. The latest call which I reluctantly answered, they wanted to know the amount I paid AKPK and asked me to fax the letter to them. I ignored the amount part as this is between AKPK and me. As for faxing the letter, I requested them to SMS their fax number as it was not convenient for me. You can hear from the way they answered, they don't even bothered if the whole world sees me in such 'low' situation. They have the cheek to say they are not allowed to SMS. An international bank doesn't have SMS facility? Hmmm... I wasn't born yesterday lah! In the end, they forced me to type it on my mobile and then quickly ended the call. I guess she can't wait to 'harrass' another victim.

I was really annoyed by their call as I had guests in the office. How do you think I feel? I had to try to speak softly with my blood boiling hot... they do not have any compassion at all. My hubby always scolded me for being angry with them, he said I shouldn't let them get to me and it is their job. Yes, it is their job but other local banks have been kind to me, understanding my situation. They know I'm working and always asking if it's convenient to have this conversation. They even stopped calling me with CLIR numbers. This is an international bank for goodness sake! I guess international bank feels it has the upper hand, can ignore their customer's predicament. I do hope something bad befalls upon them! Bankruptcy would be the best!

Anyway, back to AKPK, I would advice that anyone who has debt issues, please visit this website as they will be able to help you. Please don't go to 'illegal ah longs' or re-finance it with the banks. It's pointless as they will kill you more with higher interests. Trust me, I am a victim here.

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