Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Movie review - Apr 09

This month I actually watched quite a number of DVD at home... just plain lazy to go out. With the scorching hot weather, I prefer to stay home, in the comfort of my living room and cosy sofa ;-)

1) Beverly Hills Chi Hua Hua - I can't believe it, I actually watched this! OMG! It's a blondish kinda movie! It's actually hilarious and entertaining LOL!

2) The Spirit - duh! I can't stand this movie... probably it's the way they make it, trying to be unique but it really is kinda boring and ridiculous... sigh!

3) Twilight - I actually watched a vampire movie! I actually didn't feel scared or anything! I was so into the movie... now I can't wait to get all 4 books from Stephenie Meyers to read. It's a very intense movie!

4) Yes man - hmmm... another typical Jim Carrey movie... what can I say... funny yet sad with a Jim Carrey twist

5) Righteous Kill - another intense movie which got me hooked till the end... really good acting from Al Pacino and Robert de Niro!

6) Street Kings - Keanu Reeves is just as handsome as ever! Drooling.... ;-)

7) Tropic Thunder - hmmm... don't know what's the hype about it... I switched it off after 1/2 hour

The movies I did watch in the cinemas this month were really good and worth it:-

1) Fast & Furious 4 - the best yet so far... liked the story although didn't have that many fancy cars as the previous 3... loved the races too! Really worth to watch!

2) X-men Origins: Wolverine - good action, very entertaining although Xavier looked fake at the end ;-) you have to watch to know what I mean

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