Friday, 17 April 2009


When I was in primary school, I dreamt of being a Fashion Designer or an artiste or a model. In secondary school, a doctor or business woman. Now I'm working but not the dream jobs I wanted. I always wonder how many people actually dreamt and went on to work their dream job.

Probably I'm the kind who doesn't have initiative hence just go with the flow but I'm getting more restless nowadays. I don't get the job satisfaction, I don't enjoy my job. I really hope to own a shop selling all kinds of unique knick knacks or be the face of a famous cosmetic giant! However I'm in my late thirties now so those dreams seemed to be faraway, not within my reach. I guess it will remain a dream only. I don't have the energy or initiative to go all the way out... sigh!

I really envy the young achievers we see nowadays... they really know what they want and they pursue it without hesitating. I really do salute them... bravo!

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