Friday, 13 March 2009

Superstitious or coincidence?

I always wonder... whether some incidents happened coincidentally or just pure superstitious belief. The other day, my left eye lid was 'jumping' the whole morning. Chinese believed that left eye means something bad will happen and right eye meant something good. While walking back to the office after lunch, my shoe strap broke. Then I realized my left eye has stopped 'jumping'. Hmmm.... coincident? Another incident that happens a few years back... I was about to leave the house when my mom asked me to pay respect to the Goddess of Mercy. So I did as told and left the house. I noticed that the bus stop was full of people so I waited under a tree for shade as it was very hot. When the crowd eases at the bus stop, I walked over there. Suddenly I heard a very loud creak behind me and turn. Lo and behold, that tree, the same one I waited under, had fallen down!!! Imagine the shock I had! I really felt as though the Goddess of Mercy was watching my back then. Another coincident? I will never know... geez... have you experience the same before?

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