Friday, 20 March 2009


Lately, we can see health hazardous ads about smoking... the government is trying their best to discourage smoking. However, the enforcement of it is not strong enough hence more and more smokers in the country. A friend pointed out that in countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, and even Thailand, you don't see many smokers around. I agree with him. In KL, every where you go, in every single corner, you can see someone holding a cigarette. Hmmm... even in air-conditioned restaurants or shopping malls, there are people who ignored the 'No smoking' sign. When we pointed this out to them, they get very defensive and argued back. Their mentality, selfishness and ignorance are so blatantly shocking and rude! What about us non-smokers? Or shall I say '2nd hand smokers'? Many researchers have found 2nd hand smokers to have shorter life span (from inhaling the 2nd hand smokes) then smokers themselves. I do hope the government takes a more drastic approach in enforcing this. They should learn from other countries which have successfully enforced this to their people. These countries don't even have many smoking scenes on their national TV. I do have friends who managed to quit smoking and I really am proud of them! Bravo!

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