Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Road users

I was heading North over the weekend... North South Expressway was full of cars! Probably due to the start of school holidays or people wanting to pay their respect early for 'All souls day'. I was observing the traffic while my hubby drove... you can see all kinds of drivers on the road. There was 1 Renault with brake lights on the whole time... was wondering how he was driving... errr... left leg on the brake and right leg on the accelerator? Hmmm... a very bad driving habit. My my, there were so many road hogger too! They were driving so slow but reluctant to give way to faster cars and the road ahead was clear of cars... sigh! Such ignorant drivers! Sometimes I wonder where they get their driver's licence from... they actually cause traffic jams along the way... sigh! On the way back the next day, it was raining heavily... surprisingly all were driving accordingly except for some 'heroes'. 'Heroes' here referring to drivers who didn't bother to switch on their car lights. The sky was so gloomy and dark... visibility was poor... we can't even see the cars behind us unless their lights are on. Some drivers can't be bothered and drove very fast too... worst still for black coloured ones... can't see them at all. Don't they care for their loved ones? How can they be so ignorant? Once an accident happens, there is no turning back... you can't undo everything... you will only live in regrets for the rest of your life if you survive... sigh!

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