Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Movie review - Mar09

Movies I have watched in March - Street Fighter: the legend of Chun Li, The Punisher and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Sad to say, Chun Li was poorly made and the storyline was predictable. It didn't live up to the expectation of many game lovers, only the fight scenes were kind of entertaining. Even the acting was kind of poor. Luckily Punisher's fighting scenes were violent and brutal enough to keep us entertained. However, the storyline was kind of shallow and predictable too. Benjamin Button was mesmerizing, entertaining and good to the end. It was beautifully written, the actors were good, overall, what can I say, I was glued to the movie from the start to the end.

Overall ratings: Chun Li - 4 out of 10, Punisher - 6 out of 10 & Benjamin Button - 9 out of 10

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